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[DSECRG-11-018] Kaspersky administration Kit - Удалённое выполнение кода через SMBRelay

Сервисная учетная запись используемая Kaspersky Administration Kit в совокупности с функционалом данного ПО позволяет злоумышленнику компрометировать другие хосты корпоративной сети.

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory #DSECRG-11-018

Application: Kaspersky Administration Kit
Versions Affected: from 6.0
Vendor URL:
Bug: Design flaw
Exploits: YES
Reported: 22.01.2011
Vendor response: 22.01.2011
Solution: disable IP scan
Date of Public Advisory: 14.03.2011
Authors: Alexey Sintsov of Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG]


Service account used for Kaspersky Administration Kit and it functional make possible attack on other hosts
in a corporate network.


Functional called "Scan IP subnets" is enabled by default in Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.
This function makes ICMP scan and also tries to use SMB protocol by using service account which can be
used to run SMBrelay attack and gain full control on secured network. By default "Scan IP subnets"
scans subnet every 7 hours. Attacker just needs to run SMBRelay tool and wait. Attack is possible
because Kaspersky service account have Administrative rights on hosts in corporate network.
It's mean that attacker can attack any server or workstation where this service account has rights.

Fix Information

1) Do not start Administration Server service under a Domain Administrator account
or a domain account member of local administrators group on other hosts.
2) Disable "Scan IP subnets"


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